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Wet n wild middle chute action on the Rogue! Rafting Trips & River Guides!

by Nathan Van Amburg January 16, 2018

Rainey Falls - The first Class IV rapid encountered on the Wild and Scenic stretch of the Rogue River.  There are three ways to navigate Rainey Falls.

1.Fish Ladder - (Class III) The man-made "fish ladder" blasted along the right bank is the most popular route around the falls.  Oar management is the most challenging aspect of this swift, narrow channel and many people choose to line their boats through.

2. Center Falls - (Class III-IV) The center falls is a narrow chute that cuts through the bedrock in a series of smaller drops.  Picking your line through the boulders above, and getting lined up for the drop can be tricky.  Once in the narrow chute, SHIP YOUR OARS forward and enjoy the ride!  We refer to this line as the "middle chute" and this is the run that is featured in the video below!

3. Main Falls - (Class III-IV) The river pours over a stubborn ridge of metamorphic bedrock to create this impressive 10-12 foot drop along the left bank.  The falls are named after a man named "Ramey" who lived downstream from the rapid and could frequently be seen gaffing salmon as they left the falls. 


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Nathan Van Amburg
Nathan Van Amburg


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