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Quick tips for a comfy trip!

by Nathan Van Amburg January 15, 2018

1. Bring baby wipes.

2. Socks and shoes for camp.

3. River sandals - that attach to your feet!

4. Stay hydrated (bring a refillable h2o bottle with a carabineer)

5. Bring a pillow case - fill it with clothes at night for sleeping.

6. Pack a plastic bag inside your dry bag to separate dirty/wet clothes.

7. Bring an insulated thermal cup (use for coffee/tea in the am and camp cocktails in the pm)

8. Bring a headlamp for a light source.

9. Don't forget personal hygiene items (toothbrush and paste, biodegradable soap like Dr. Bronners, brush, medications, etc)

10. Less is more - diversity - plan for everything.

Nathan Van Amburg
Nathan Van Amburg


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