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by Nathan Van Amburg January 16, 2018

Whenever you embark on a white water rafting is customary to receive a "safety talk" from your trusted guide, that details potential scenarios that may elicit a rescue.  (i.e. boat flip, dump truck, unintentional swimming, etc) 

Below are 10 common things you may hear during a safety talk:

1. Hold onto those t-grips

2. Expedition Mentality

3. Stand up, get em in the boat!

4. Rope, rope, rope...

5. Relax...float it out.

6. Never stand up in the river!

7. Always enter the river feet first.

8. Use the buddy system when exploring away from camp.

9. Know before you go.

10. Stroke and stroke and stroke...

Whether paddling in the boat, floating in the river, or relaxing in camp; it's important to keep yourself safe from harm...especially when recreating in wild and scenic areas.  Use expedition mentality to keep yourself and others safe.  Share best practices and have fun!




Nathan Van Amburg
Nathan Van Amburg


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