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T.P. : A Valuable Asset. River rafting on the rogue river. River guide. Family rafting trip. Kayak trip.

by Nathan Van Amburg January 15, 2018

Waking up on day 2 (of 4) and learning from fellow guides that there is a shortage in toilet paper.   Not the best feeling!  Discussing how to talk to guest's about rationing toilet paper use and being more aware of the amount per use.  Do you start counting squares?  Nobody wants to be counting squares while using the groover for multiple days on the river!  As this conversation between guides is wrapping up, a guest approaches to alert us that the toilet paper is gone and another role is needed!  (so much for rationing!) Oh no!  Time to get creative!  Nate found a private stash of t.p. in his personal bag and replenished...but this won't last long!  Abbie pulled out a private stash of sani-wipes to have on deck!  A couple minutes later, OARS pulls up...all smiles and looking to move into our camp.  Abbie is on it!  Greet the new boat and negotiations for t.p. begin immediately.  "We have a bit of a t.p. you have any to spare?"  She continues to offer beer, cookies, anything we have to spare for a trade.  They graciously handed over 2 rolls with a smile and didn't ask for anything in return.  We invited them to make themselves at home and gave them German Chocolate Cake as a gesture of our sincere gratitude.  Life on the river...the people you meet, the ability to help each other out, and the stories you have to share when you come home...that's what it's all about!

Nathan Van Amburg
Nathan Van Amburg


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