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Nate's Rogue Adventures - Our friends share their opinions.

 100% of reviews are 5 stars across the board!   Thank you to our friends for allowing us to lead your epic river adventures and giving us amazing reviews!  Here is what you said... 
white water rafting oregon rogue deschutes river adventures wild & scenic
So thankful that Nate's Rogue Adventures sponsors non-profit organizations in addition to being a kickass guide company! Thank you for your donations and for being so rad!
- Megan Gram / President of Bend Spay & Neuter Project
guided white water rafting oregon rogue river adventures wild & scenic
Nate's trip was a trip of a lifetime. Some of the best camping, food, rafting, and stargazing I've had in my life. Not only does Nate know what he's doing, he does a wonderful job sharing his knowledge throughout the trip. I learned so much about the Rogue, rafting, and camping. I recommend this (and have to about everyone who'll listen) to anyone looking for an adventure. Let's put it this way, this is my first, and probably only, review I've ever given. I had such a blast I needed to let the world know. Thanks Nate!!!
- Max Patten Faulhaber
oregon white water rafting oregon deschutes river steelhead fishing

15 ladies for a bachelorette party & Nate and his crew delivered! The food was great, he made sure we all had enough gear to help us stay warm and dry, and he even managed to produce black bear sightings!! We will never forget this trip!

- Phuong Ke 

wild & scenic rogue river guide while water rafting oregon

We had a blast rafting with Nate! One thing that sets a guide apart from another is their knowledge of the river and surrounding areas. Nate knew all the cool spots on the river so he could show us ways to manipulate the raft to do ‘fun tricks’ on certain spots on the river. He also had great stories to tell about the area, it's history, and past adventures. It was like having an entertaining storyteller on the trip with us, always keeping us intrigued and laughing. Nate is also very safety conscious, from the pre-float safety talk and throughout the entire trip we always felt like we were safe and in good hands with Nate. I would highly recommend using him for your next trip!

- Whitney Pepper 

oregon white water rafting wild & scenic river adventures

This rafting trip was the best!!! It was our first trip with 7 of us. Nate was fun, professional and an awesome person. He kept us safe and it was exciting! We dumped the boat but Nate taught us safety and it was a great adventure. My 19 year old son said, " it took a good family vacation and made it into a life changing event". The entire family wants to go again and next year for more. Thank you Nate. You Rock!!!!!

- Larry Armitage 

rogue river wild and scenic oregon fishing and rafting

Nate is what makes the adventure! Any river and raft in the world can only play second fiddle to this guys amazing personality, capacity and enthusiasm! We took our kids rafting in Oregon when they were young. I entrusted their precious lives into a strangers hands. He earned my respect and trust immediately. My kids loved Nate. Our experience was so awesome! So awesome! Best family memory ever!! That was our first rafting trip. We've been on others since- in other states- but have been disappointed each time. It's just not the same without Nate as the guide. He is hands down the best. He is doing what he was born to do. It's not a business for this guy. It's who he is. It's passion. It's legit.

-Amy Jefferson Stout 

deschutes river fishing white water rafting rogue adventure oregon

This man is hands down one of the best guides I have ever had the pleasure of rafting and working with!!! Taught me damn near everything I know and still teaches me more every time I see him! I trust this man with my life and he is definitely the most daring and safe guide anyone could ever ride with.

- Derek Killam 

oregon rafting guided adventures wild and scenic rogue river

I've had the pleasure of rafting this beautiful river with Nate. He was my guide the whole way and I felt totally safe and entertained at the same time. He knows his stuff when it comes to rafting, fishing and geology. He'll even show you how to pan for gold!!! That rafting trip on the Rogue was awesome and one I will remember fondly forever.

- Betsy Wallace

 white water rafting oregon rogue deschutes river adventures wild & scenic

Amazing! You learn how to fish, kayak, and survive outdoors.  The guides tell lots of good jokes. 
- Maxwell Mantell
white water rafting experience rogue river oregon wild & scenic

Had a great time rafting the Deshutes River with Nate today. We raft it every year and this was by far the best rafting trip we have ever done. I highly recommend Nate.

- Shannon Fitzpatrick Moxley


wild and scenic rogue river rafting adventure oregon guide

I enjoyed a whole day rafting trip with Nate. I had some fear, but with Nate, I felt safe because of his high level of expertise and training. You can tell this is what he was born to do. Plus, he is just a great guy to hang out with and talk to. He went above and beyond with his safety training and is a good communicator. He is a hospitable, positive man. Thanks Nate for helping me conquer one of my fears and want to do it again!!

- Tracy Barnes Arias


rogue river expedition guided white water tours oregon

What can I say other than this guy is the real deal. Learn a myriad of interesting stories and fun facts, as you cruise through some of the most amazing water ways in Oregon.

- Kelly Maloney


white water rafting oregon rogue deschutes river adventures wild & scenic

Nate took us and our international guests rafting on the Deschutes River a couple of years ago. It was great and he gave us just the right level of challenge. He had many great tips about other sites to visit as we raced through Central Oregon. I highly recommend him.

- Leonard Smith


oregon rivers wild and scenic rogue white water adventure

Nate is a blast to raft with! Very knowledgeable about the rivers, rapids, and cool Easter egg swimming and diving spots. Absolutely would take another trip again

- Makenzie Stieber